Beauty products of the week

Two words: Jen. Atkin.  I live for this Ouai wave hair spray. I have naturally curly hair so some days it’s tough for me to just get it to look right. This wave spray leaves my hair feeling secure, creates beautiful texture, and creates such a nice undone look. I highly recommend it. It’s good for all hair types. You can also spray it in your hair before you blow dry it for some texture and volume.


The Lush lip scrub is something I use every day lightly. It’s a yummy lip scrub that has sugar and organic jojoba oil for moisture leaving my lips nice and soft! I use the one in bubble gum but, there are other flavors you can choose from. Lip scrubs are a must especially when you want to wear a liquid lipstick. This will give you a smooth, clean, base.

Let me know if you use any of these products or what some of your favorite beauty products are in a comment below 🙂

xx Raquel


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