A glimpse into the behind the scenes


Hey everyone! I was up in New York again for a week shooting for my portfolio and shooting for Macy’s, so I tried to take as many behind the scene pictures as I could to give you all a glimpse into my life on set. Below are some pictures BTS from a Frenchie pup photo op, street style, and studio days. Studio days are always great, especially when it’s snowing outside. They are easy, quick, and fun! I go through a ton of outfits a day, and shoot in front of about five people who are critiquing, watching, and determining if we got the shot. I enjoy watching how the stylists style the clothes depending on the brand we are shooting. It’s very particular and I learn a few things along the way.

A test shoot, is a photoshoot that updates my portfolio that books me jobs. This was a beauty shoot that was in studio and also in the city streets which added such a cool vibe. There was also  a FRENCHIE on set that had her time to shine. She makes a debut on multiple shoots so she was a pro:) I will share the pictures once I get them so stay tuned for that!

p.s. I post some BTS pictures and video on my Insta-stories so make sure to follow me on IG if you want to keep up @raqllenas

Until the next trip…

xx Raquel


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