How I get in shape after the holidays

 My Fitness Routine

It’s the New Year and we all know what time it is. “New Year, New Me, New Fitness Goals,” all around the world. We all make resolutions that we hope to stick to throughout the year and many of our resolutions have to do with health and fitness. Especially after all the indulgences during the holidays (I have a major sweet tooth). As a professional model, my body has to always be the best it can be, so I stick to a regular workout regimen all year long.

Growing up as an athlete, always involved in sports, sweating it out is something I actually enjoy. However, working out in a gym has always been difficult for me. I find it hard to stay motivated in a gym and I bulk very easily in my legs. I was on the hunt for a workout that would keep me lean and toned, without the added bulk. My first class at bFIT was two years ago with the owner of the studio in Delray Beach, FL, Stacie Willhite, and I never looked back.

bFIT: Fabulous, Inspired, Transformed

The bFIT workout combines principles of ballet and Pilates into multi-level barre and yoga fitness classes in which clients build strength and stamina while lengthening and lifting.  The cardio elements burn calories, and the balance and breath work focus and center the mind and spirit.  This studio believes in a holistic approach to physical fitness and overall well-being; honoring the mind-body connection and exercising to the core of your being; body, mind, and spirit.


I always recommend this workout, especially the bFIT barre class, to everyone because it will work out muscles you didn’t even know you had. I enjoy it because of the elements of dance and the variety of classes that are offered. My favorite classes offered at bFIT are barre and balance. Barre uses small isometric movements which lift and tone without building bulk.  With blasts of cardio, dance, Pilates, and ballet, you will burn calories and sculpt your physique. The choreography slightly changes regularly so your body never actually gets used to it. I have been doing it for years and I still leave sore after a workout.


When I really want to target my core, I amp the amount of bFIT balance classes I take. I schedule my workouts and the classes I choose to take depending on what I have coming up for work. Sometimes, I will do just balance classes 3x a week. It is definitely a love-hate relationship. I hate the burn, but I love the results. This class really challenges your balance and stability using the stability ball throughout. We use weights, target glutes, hamstrings, and core all while using the stability ball.

This combination of ballet and pilates principles has worked the best for my body and has gotten me to the point where I am always happy with how my body looks and feels.

What is your fitness routine/ New Year goals? Let me know in the comment section below!

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xx Raquel


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