Chokers and Denim Jackets Trend

furstofmankindenimfurst of a kind vintagefurst of a kind vintage Denim and Chokers

Denim jackets and chokers are really on trend right now. I’ve succumbed to the fact that they are not going anywhere and caved in and purchased one. Trends always make a comeback, so rest assured I am regretting getting rid of all my chokers from the ’90s. Velvet chokers have become mainstream and replaced the stretchy chokers you would get for 25 cents in the good ‘ole days. My favorite way to wear my chokers is definitely the simple version. Less is more.  Paired with a black outfit and a denim jacket like the outfit I wore here, is simple, but just enough to get the job done. I think a thin black choker and an all black outfit looks clean, cohesive, and makes for the perfect everyday cool-girl look.

Denim jackets are perfect for throwing over an outfit to kick it up a notch. Not too thin where I am still cold, but not too heavy where I am sweating, and oversized sounds juuusst right. My jacket is from LF by the brand Furst of a Kind Vintage . They have one of a kind vintage pieces that are totally worth purchasing. This jacket has become a staple in my closet and my go-to piece.


Furst of a Kind Vintage IG

Windsor Choker

Steve Madden 

xx Raquel


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