New York City


There’s something about the insane sky scrapers and the millions of people scrambling all over New York City that can make you feel so insignificant in the world. As much as it can be intimidating, it is also humbling and inspiring. You realize that the world is so much bigger than you are. Whenever I am in the city, I have a lot of time for myself to reflect and just enjoy my own company. As a result of traveling so much alone, I’ve learned how to enjoy my own company, almost to a fault. I have become very comfortable with just myself and really appreciate my own time to sort out my thoughts and de-stress.

One of my favorite things about the city is just how beautiful and unique every part of the city is. Every where you visit, has it’s own personality and character. After spending a summer living in the East Village, I know my way around. I stumbled across this gorgeous street one afternoon on my way to get a smoothie and it instantly became my favorite street in NYC; it’s called Stuyvesant St. and its a one way street that runs diagonally to Manhattan. It’s a must see whenever you go to Manhattan! Below are some photos of me stumbling into the infamous quick marts in the city, the infamous yellow taxi, the picture perfect building on Bond Street, and the “so East Village” boxed water.

xx Raquel


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