Decluttering 101

The other day I found myself in a rut. I was feeling unmotivated and uninspired and I didn’t know exactly why. But, it was affecting my productivity and I just wasn’t having it. So as usual, I got my second wind at night and decided to declutter my life and get organized. If my life is organized, my thoughts become organized, and my inspiration kicks in. First things first:

1. Tackle My Clothes

I decided to go through my closet and just start piling up the clothes I haven’t worn in the last year, I’ve had for way too many years, and that were just out dated. Next, I tackled my drawers next and ended up decluttering my clothes for about two hours. I finished with a decent size pile that just made my room feel lighter. When I am at home, I spend most of my time in my room. It’s my safe haven and comfort zone, so I like it to be organized. I took some of my clothes to Plato’s Closet and donated the rest. I think this is a good tip if you’re feeling like you are in a rut or lacking inspo. Tackle your clothes. Your clothes are a reflection of who you are and if you are hoarding a ton of stuff that’s collecting dust, your inspiration to express yourself through your clothing starts to lag. At least for me it does. So, out with the old, in with the new.

2. Organize/Make A List

My next task was to organize my calendar and prepare myself for the next three weeks ahead. I will be in New York City this week for work, then on a cruise the following week, followed by classes starting up for Fall semester. My mind is always 10 steps ahead of itself, so I needed to just focus on what I needed to get done right now and just make a list of everything I needed to complete so that I could check everything off as I go. I also have to plan my next few blog posts ahead of time so I can release content while I am out of touch on a beach somewhere with my toes in the sand 😉 Focusing on just one goal at a time, makes me more productive and keeps me sane.

3. Clean Out My Phone

We spend a disturbing (guilty) amount of time on our cell phones and the selfies can add up quickly. My last step, was to scroll through my camera roll and just delete the pictures that I wasn’t using and were taking up space. It’s actually quite fun scrolling through your photo album and seeing all the random unnecessary things you take pictures of and it’s also nice finding old gems. After I clear out my camera roll, I head to my Instagram. I like my Instagram to be aesthetically appealing so it’s enjoyable for you and I. So now and then, I take the time to scroll through it and delete photos that I don’t like or photos that did not get as big of a reaction from my following.

After I made the decision to begin decluttering, I felt so much better. I went to sleep feeling accomplished and productive and it turned my day around. I was also inspired to write this post , so it was a win-win 🙂

Leave some comments below of what content you would like to see me post next on my blog so I can release new posts before my vacation

xx Raquel


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  1. Ellen
    August 21, 2016 / 10:26 am

    This is extremely helpful. Definitely will try this! Ellen

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