Keeping up in NYC

                                                Behind The Scenes

      Movie Premiere


I spent last week in NYC for a quick and productive work trip. I had some direct bookings for Target and Macy’s and a few scheduled castings for Cover Girl, Nike, Bloomingdales etc. When I am not in the studio working, my days consist of running around the city, transferring through trains, trying to make my appointments on time. The nice part about casting days are being able to roam the city through some of my favorite areas like Soho, Tribeca and Union Square while meeting new clients.

During the summers in the city, I like to stop at a Starbucks to cool off and sit by the window with my Venti Iced Coffee to people watch. Everyone is always moving at such a fast pace on a mission to get somewhere and there are so many people from all over the world. On my second night there, I attended a movie premiere for ‘Disorder,’ starring Diane Kruger. Movie premieres are the perfect outing for me because they are low key, an early night out, and I love movies. The press is a bonus. I love being able to pop into NYC, have a productive week of work, and pay a visit to my agency before I head home. Now, I’m packing to head off to the Caribbean for some vitamin sea.

Signed, Not A City Girl

xx Raquel


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