The Turtleneck staple

Turtlenecks should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Growing up, I hated when my mom used to make me wear them to school because no one else was walking around in a turtleneck and I found them to make me feel claustrophobic. But, as I’ve gotten older, I can appreciate a good one. They are chic and classy and look good with everything. I found this one at BCBG on sale from originally $248 to $60!! So, I couldn’t leave it. The color is great for spring and can also be worn now in the winter. It was a two for one deal because it came with a matching slip dress that you can wear with or without the turtleneck. The slip dress dresses it up, but I toned it down with a pair of sneakers appropriate for day time. If I was wearing this outfit at night, I would switch out the sneakers for a pair of boots or heels.

photos by: @jrsteezvisuals

xx Raquel



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